Tips For Installing A New Door Lock Assembly

A car door with no lock on it; can you picture such an image? Would you park such a vehicle somewhere over the night, hoping to find it in one piece the next day? Getting back to real life, no car should be driven around with no locks on the doors. But cars do not need any type of locks on them. They require locks that work in top shape, or else their entire purpose is rendered useless. Locks are there to keep the drivers, the passengers and the inside of a vehicle safe from potential perils and risks. When the lock on a car does not work at full capacity, it is mandatory to take the right measures to have the problem fixed as soon as possible.

At times, the solution comes in the form of a last resort; namely, installing a new door lock assembly. Never done that before? Here are a few simple guidelines that should help you get started on the right track.

Things You’ll Need

  • a new door lock assembly, which you should be able to get from your local hardware store, a car mechanic shops, or your regular automotive locksmith company.

  • a flat and Phillips screwdriver;

  • a wrench;

  • some skill.

What Do To

  • Start by disconnecting the battery cable from its negative terminal, especially if you have a power door lock assembly on your vehicle. This should help you successfully prevent any unfortunate accidents during the process.

  • Remove the panel on the door handle and disconnect all switches. Pull out all the screws in the panel and take it off. Remove the thumb tabs switches along with the mirror switch.

  • Guide the switch through the hole on the handle panel and pull out the loose panel. Next, remove the old lock assembly and make sure you properly disconnect the harness from the actuator.

  • Install the new door lock assembly into the corresponding frame and refasten the screws.

When To Hire Professional Help

  • If all of this sounds too complicated for you, don’t worry; you are not the only one. Not everyone was born with repairman skills, and also not everyone has the time, will, energy, or the right tools to install a lock assembly for car doors. If this is your case right now, get in touch with some automotive locksmiths services in town. Compare their line of work, experience, and rates and see how fast they can schedule a meeting. These factors should help you make the right call when hiring.

  • An expert locksmith that specializes in car services should have no problem fitting a new lock assembly, servicing and maintaining it in top shape during periodical checkups.

  • Once a new lock assembly is installed, it should be tested in order to avoid having to disassemble the panel once again as the initial installation has failed.

  • You may also have issues reassembling the doors on your vehicle or attaching the negative battery cable. To be on the safe side, hire an authorized locksmith for the job.


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